Mr Hanson is the highest-rated plastic surgeon in Ireland on Real Self, the independent consumer review website for surgical and cosmetic treatments.

Breast Reduction Review
“Dr. Hanson , I would completely recommend for breast reduction, on a professional level he's ahead of the game. He's meticulous, he listened attentively what you want and your concerns. Answered all questions I asked. On a human level he made me feel completely at ease, relaxed, not scared about the surgery more excited for the future. my only regret is that I didn't have the surgery years ago. First couple of weeks are uncomfortable sleeping, but no pain as promised by Richard. Aftercare is 100%. 5 month post surgery boobs are amazing. I went from a saggy FF to Fab D Cup.” 5th November, 2018,

Breast Augmentation Review
”So the years of breastfeeding were not kind and I decided to do something about it and began to explore the possibility of having a BA. My search for a suitable surgeon was a bit like Goldilocks, Surgeon 1 just wasn't for me, Surgeon 2 was insistent on doing a lift that I didn't want, and Surgeon 3 was Mr Hanson whom I was very impressed by. He was very kind and patient and made me feel very comfortable with all aspects of the procedure. I was given lots of time, he answered all of my questions, and he and his staff were in no way pushy, quite the opposite. I was very happy with the 'plan' that was arrived at, I felt involved in that decision, and perhaps most importantly, I understood why, clinically, that decision was being made and what the outcome would be. The outcome has totally exceeded my expectations, my new boobs are just perfect and exactly what I had hoped for. My experience in the Mater Private was excellent and the night staff in particular were super. The aftercare provided by Mr Hanson has just been amazing and totally above and beyond anything I've experienced with previous surgeries. From visiting me late in the evening after the procedure, to multiple follow up appointments, I have just felt so well looked after. He is an absolute gentleman, amazing at what he does, and it has genuinely been a great experience.” Oct 3rd 2017,

Rhinoplasty review
“Went to Dr Richard Hanson for rhinoplasty surgery, was extremely happy with my results and the hole process. After the consultation I was very excited about my surgery. Richard and Marie were very friendly, professional and efficient in responding to any queries or concerns I had before and afterwards. My self confidence has greatly improved and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Richard for this surgery.” 6th April, 2018,

Breast Augmentation review
“When I gave up breastfeeding two hungry boys, what was left of my boobs was pathetic... two floppy sacks of deflated skin is no understatement. So after recommendations from three friends I went to Mr Hanson for a consult. He was professional and precise from the start. I was adamant I did not want large breasts, just the same size as they looked in my padded bra and Mr Hanson showed my the various options on the 3D glasses which was a funny moment but great to gauge how things would look after the surgery.
The procedure was seamless... less hassle than a root canal..Mr Hanson and all the staff at The Mater hospital private were super professional and very reassuring. 5 months later and they have settled and I am absolutely DELIGHTED with the results ..they look really natural, and realistic to my body proportions. Best decision I've made in years.” Nov 2018,

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